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Architecture – FRP Solutions

Architectural applications are extensive and aesthetically unique to each builder’s needs. Fastec’s fiberglass solutions are light, yet durable, and include walkways, decking, handrail systems, structural shapes, grating, building panels, and much more in a variety of colors.

FRP pultruded beach railing


  • Corrosion Resistant – A perfect solution for any architectural structures exposed to the elements
  • Nonconductive – Won’t spark or conduct electricity
  • Lightweight – Makes fabrication easy and reduces transportation costs
  • Strong & Stable – Strong as steel, yet requires less maintenance, and won’t shrink, swell, or warp
  • Long-Lasting – Won’t show wear and tear due to heat, chemical elements, or moisture
  • Nonmagnetic – Safe around all electronic equipment
  • Easy to Install – Lightweight and can be installed using commercial tools
  • 100% Guaranteed Performance
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