Water & Wastewater Treatment
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Water & Wastewater Treatment – FRP Solutions

Aerial view of wastewater treatment plant with FRP components

Long-lasting and extremely low maintenance, Fastec’s Scum Baffles, Weirs, Fabricated Structures, and many other FRP applications are lightweight, high strength, corrosion/rot resistant, and can be retrofitted to existing municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems.


  • Corrosion Resistant – A perfect solution for architecture exposed to moisture and environmental elements
  • Nonconductive – Won’t spark or conduct electricity
  • Lightweight – Makes fabrication and transport easier
  • Strong & Stable – Strong as steel, yet requires less maintenance, and won’t shrink, swell, or warp
  • Long-Lasting – Won’t show wear and tear due to weather, water, or high usage
  • Nonmagnetic – Safe to use around all electronic equipment
  • Low Maintenance – Easy to clean, won’t rot or corrode, and no repainting ever needed
  • Easy to Install – Lightweight and can be installed using commercial tools
  • 100% Guaranteed Performance
FRP grating and handrails at wastewater treatment plant FRP Decking at wastewater treatment plant
Fastec FRP pultruded grating and handrails
provide stability, safety, and corrosion resistance.
Fastec International Decking provides strength,
durability, and safety to wastewater treatment facilities.
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