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Fastec International FRP Products

Fastec International pairs a rich history with innovative thinking, high quality products with competitive pricing, and boundless options with hassle-free ordering. In short, Fastec is a one-stop shop for your FRP (fiberglass) needs. Versatile, durable, and customizable, our variety of products is only exceeded by our limitless assembly options, and our vast experience means you always get the strength and resilience of our FRP products paired with innovative ideas for assembly and use.

Our top FRP products include:


Pultruded FRP Shapes

Our FRP profiles are created through the pultrusion process, forming a wide variety of shapes that are dimensionally stable and easy to install.
Fastec Pultruded Fiberglass Shapes

FRP Decking

Fastec International’s FRP decking is attractive, yet durable and easy to install and maintain. With no aging, corroding, or rotting, our decking is a great solution to all your decking needs.

Fiberglass Decking from Fastec

Molded FRP Grating

Considerably lighter than traditional metallic gratings, yet strong and low maintenance, Fastec International Molded Grating is manufactured with continuous glass fiber strand wetted thoroughly with premium grade polyester resin, ensuring corrosion resistance and great tensile strength.

Molded FRP Grating

Pultruded FRP Grating

Fastec’s Pultruded Grating is assembled with “I,” “T,” and “HL” shaped pultruded bearing bars, which are interlocked with solid rods or tubes, which means a higher load capacity and greater impact resistance than molded grating.

 Pultruded FRP Grating from Fastec

FRP Cladding

Functional, yet attractive, our FRP Cladding will protect your structures from weather, chemical corrosion, and other harsh elements. Lightweight and easier to install, our cladding will stand the test of time.

 FRP Cladding

FRP Plate

Fastec’s FRP Plate is easy to install, non-corrosive, non-slip, and non-conductive. Perfectly suited for harsh environments where safety comes first, our FRP plate will ensure that your walkways, trench covers, pool decks, and overpasses are long-lasting and nearly maintenance-free.

Fiberglass Plate from Fastec

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