Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers | FRP Solutions

Lightweight. Corrosion resistant. Non-conductive. Fastec Cooling Tower components, from channels to grating are cost-effective and made to withstand the elements. Use Fastec International structural profiles to replace standard wood profiles, including decking, channels, and square tube or as new building material for any cooling tower.

Fastec structural profiles provide stability, protection,
and corrosion resistance for cooling towers. 

Fastec International Decking provides strength,
durability, and safety to cooling tower rooftops.


  • Corrosion Resistant – A perfect solution for cooling tower environments
  • Nonconductive – Won’t spark or conduct electricity
  • Lightweight – Makes fabrication easy, reduces transportation costs, and may reduce support requirements
  • Strong & Stable – Strong as steel, yet requires less maintenance, and won’t shrink, swell, or warp
  • Long-Lasting – Won’t show wear and tear due to weather, chemical elements, or high traffic
  • Nonmagnetic – Safe around all electronic equipment
  • Easy to Install – Lightweight and can be installed using commercial tools
  • 100% Guaranteed Performance
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