Pultruded Shapes

Fastec International Pultruded FRP Shapes

Offered in a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes, Fastec International’s pultruded fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) shapes are also durable, lightweight, longer-lasting than traditional building materials, and won’t swell, warp, or shrink with exposure to the elements. This means you get a better product and spend less time and money on assembly and maintenance.

All of our pultruded FRP shapes are created in our engineer approved facility using the highest quality resins, have a 12 Mil surfacing veil, and meet CTI Standard 137 and 152.

Learn more about our Pultrusion Process. Don’t see what you need below? In addition to our standard shapes, we can also create custom shapes at your request. Contact us for more information!


Properties of Structural Shapes

Test results are for typical coupon properties, derived per the ASTM test method shown, of structural shapes. Synthetic surfacing and ultraviolet inhibitors are standard.

Mechanical Properties Direction ASTM Units Value
Tensile Stress Lengthwise D-638 psi 30,000
MPa 206.8
Crosswise D-638 psi 7,000
MPa 48.2
Tensile Modulus Lengthwise D-638 106 psi 2.5
GPa 17.2
Crosswise D-638 106 psi 0.8
GPa 5.5
Compressive Stress Lengthwise D-695 psi 30,000
MPa 206.8
Crosswise D-695 psi 15,000
GPa 103.4
Compressive Modulus Lengthwise D-695 106 psi 2.5
GPa 17.2
Crosswise D-695 106 psi 1.0
GPa 6.9
Flexural Stress Lengthwise D-790 psi 30,000
MPa 206.8
Crosswise D-790 psi 10,000
MPa 68.9
Flexural Modulus Lengthwise D-790 106 psi 1.8
GPa 12.4
Crosswise D-790 106 psi 0.8
GPa 5.5
Modulus of Elastisity Full section Full Section 106 psi 2.8
GPa 19.3
Shear Modulus 106 psi 0.45
GPa 3.1
Short Beam Shear D-2344 psi 4,500
MPa 31
Bearing Stress Lengthwise D-953 psi 30,000
MPa 206.8
Izod Impact Lengthwise D-256 ft-lbs/in 25
J/mm 1.33
Crosswise D-256 ft-lbs/in 4
J/mm 0.21
Physical Properties Direction ASTM Units Value
Barcol Hardness D-2583 45
24 Hours Water Absorption D-570 % Max 0.45
Density D-792 lbs/in3 0.0686
gm/cc 2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Lengthwise D-696 10-6 in/in/ºC 8
10-6 mm/mm/ºC 8
Electrical Properties Direction ASTM Units Value
Arc Resistance Lengthwise D-495 seconds 120
Dielectric Strength Lengthwise D-149 kv/in 35.00
Prependicular to Laminate Face D-149 volts/mil 200
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Lengthwise D-150 at 60hz 5
Flammability Properties Directions ASTM Units Value
Tunnel Test E-84 Flame spread 25
Flammability D-635 Non burning


  • Resin: Polyester Fire Retardant – Meets ASTM E-84 and D-635. Other Resin Systems available upon request
  • Color: Dark Grey. Other colors available upon request.
  • Standard Lengths: 20′ or 24′ – Custom lengths available.


  • Cooling Towers (Stick Built, Modular, and Reconstruction)
  • Tool Handles
  • Highway Signage (sign posts & ribs for roll-up signs)
  • Utility Markers
  • Snow Markers
  • Marine
  • Transportation/Automotive
  • Recreation & Waterparks (tent poles, display elements, handrails, fabricated structures, and more)
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Custom Applications